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I have been knitting again ever so happily. I even have my next knitting project, after sanpoku, all picked out. In fact, my goal is to finish sanpoku before vacation. Ahem, did I mention that's next week? Speaking of vacations, the entries for the contest have been fabulous, from hockey playing angels rescuing those in distress to bicyclists in loin cloths to turkish toilets, I have enjoyed reading all of them. If you are chilling at work (and that would involve intense air conditioning in this weather) go click on some of the links in the comments section of the August Contest they are all unique and intersting.

On to knitting, this is a square for an afghan for Jamie's daughter who is attending college in the Fall. It looks like lilac on my monitor, but it is a silver in Cascade Pistaza. I am almost halfway done with my contribution. I am so excited as this is my first time participating in a group afghan. I am honored to contribute.

next. Red Scarf for the Red Scarf Project in the (ta-da! I remembered the name) Pillar Stitch. I think I mentioned I would block this so you can see a little of the lace pattern. It is grooving.
And Izzy with the second front of the Sanpoku sweater cast on. Granted, I have one more front and two sleeves. I can't wait to see what this looks like...
Izzy says, "You do realize that I should be in the center of the photo, not this yarn. Where's my close up?"

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At 7:24 AM Bezzie said...

Loin cloths? I'm going to have to check that one out! Ha ha!

At 9:59 AM Anonymous said...

Izzy is such a cutie! Have a great vacation!!!

At 4:31 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohh I love that scarf's pattern, Pillar stitch? what is it?

At 6:32 PM Alisha said...

I love your cat...what a cutie!!

Great looking knits you have going on!!!

At 10:27 AM CynCyn said...

I'm sure Izzy makes sure he is ALWAYS the center of attn, when he wants to be. Can't wait to see the sweater all done!


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