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I am going to try and recount little stories for each post and the first one is dedicated to Knitting Addiction located in the Outer Banks, North Carolina. We arrived in OBX after seven hours of driving through rural America. We got crabs at Dirty Dick's which was not too shabby and then drove to KA.

Knitting Addiction is located in the Southern Shores and has ample parking. It is a spacious store full of delicious yarns like Manos, Blue Sky, Cherry Tree, etc. Jeanne the owner is such a great personality. Britney who works there is incredibly helpful and funny. And Purrl, the store cat is so precious (read her monthly article here). I met some of the regulars who were a hoot. We wanted to stay for the Thursday night group.

The store has two very comfortable sofas (Ben lounged out reading HP7) and a couple extra chairs finish the lounge area. There is this stunning farmhouse table and coffee table which are very cool looking (no photo so you will have to visit them) and handcrafted. Lastly, KA has a large amount of their own knit designs from pillows, ponchos, purses, to sweaters and tanks (another reason you should check them out).

I did pick up some yummy stuff. Let's review: sock yarn t-shirt (great shirt, great fit, great price, check it out here), one skein of CTH in Potluck Jewels, one skein of CTH Potluck Blues & Purples, Interweave Knit Fall '07 (dreaming of Eunny Jang's Tangled Yoke), Notions Bag (in the back it says, "Life's Too Short to knit with ugly yarn"--True Dat).

The rest of the OBX included us eating at Mama Kwan's (highly recommended from Jeanne and with good reason) and then departing at 6am in the direction of Atlanta.

Purrl's asks, "Ahem, if you were going to Mama Kwan's for their fish tacos where was my invite?"
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At 9:28 PM Batty said...

Oooh, pretty yarn! And such a great time! No wonder the kitty wanted to tag along... string and fish, it doesn't get any better.

At 9:32 PM Anonymous said...

Love that shirt! Mmmm, fish tacos.

At 9:56 PM CynCyn said...

i haven't had any fish tacos in over a yr. Gorgeous CTH.


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