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I mentioned earlier that I received my last package from my Secret Pal who is Karen. Karen has been creative with each package, and this one has a green and blue theme to it which includes Knitpicks yarn, Yankee Candle votive, handmade journal, some yarn soak, and knitting cards. Thank you for all the great packages!
Speaking of great surprises, I have met Hy (and Marlis). When I was at stix a few saturdays ago she had stopped by looking for some Jade Sapphire yarn which she had bought during one of Sheila's super sales for only $12. Ironically, I was the person who bought the last two skeins. I did some karma cleansing and let go of the yarn as Hy was in desperate need of that color. Well, irony of irony Hy also went to Atlanta and dropped me off this wonderful binder listing information on Atlanta. Did I mention DH and I are travelling to Atlanta in August? And, she also gave me this wonderful pattern of a starfish dishcloth which she picked up at Knitch. What a wonderful surprise!

X-Files Update: DH and I came across a major obstacle when Costco stopped carrying the X-Files seasons, so we switched to Netflix. We cruised through Season 5 and we are now on Season 5. Ok, let me get back to my papers as one eight page is due Tuesday (which I have not started as of now) and a six page is due on Monday (which I need to type three more pages).
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At 9:15 PM CynCyn said...

but OMG! season 5 has my fave episodes!! the vampire one. the boat one. the jeremiah was a bullfrog one (might be same as vampire one, but i don't think so).


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