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Well, I started this project a couple of weeks ago and it actually goes very quickly. I think my larger problem completing the project was more my time constraints with summer classes.
So, I have finished the dog leash for the MIL's new dog, Floss. Floss has the same coloring as Maya so when you scroll down you can imagine the results. The dog leash is knit in Noro's Daria and only took 1.5 skeins. Considering stix has a few skeins of the yarn left for $6.00 that is not bad (half price). I picked up three skeins, so I will be knitting another dog leash down the road for someone else.

Up close shot of chaotic cutie! Can you read her mind, she is asking, "Have you submitted an entry for the knitting disaster contest?"

Oh and Maya has a new collar but we have to take it to the shoe cobbler to add a grommet or two as she has the skinniest neck. Although, bandanas look fabulous on her and she wears them well.

Back to knitting updates. I will be starting a new sweater for Gracie (2nd cousin) in Frog Tree merino wool in a teal color. The yarn is oh so soft and I think I finally found a pattern that will do it well. As well, I have been working on the LCB, so Robbie watch out! I will post a photo of the blanket later this week as it is at that annoyingly heavy stage.

X-Files Update: Cyn mentioned that Season 5 has some of her favorite episodes and I agree. The vampire episode with Luke Wilson was fantabulous! Saturday we finished Disc 1 and 2 of Season 6. My favorite was Bruce Campbell in Terms of Endearment.

Paper Update: I finished 5 out of 7 pages for one paper and need to rewrite the last page of the other paper. I finished references for on paper but not the other paper.
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At 2:29 PM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Love it!! What a great idea!! Maya is such a cutie!

At 3:46 PM robin said...

Cute doggie!

At 4:54 PM CynCyn said...

looks great (the leash... and dog). Season 5... does it not also have the ghost ship episode? i loved the ending.

At 5:42 PM aruni said...

i really liked the vampire episode of the x-files--although thinking about it, i'd say my favorite season is 3...if only for "jose chung's from outer space." :D

At 5:49 PM --Deb said...

The leash looks beautiful! But, funny, it looks to me like she's wondering where the matching collar is . . . you know how girls like to be coordinated! (grin)


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