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I received two packages : Knitty HP Pal and my SP10 pal. I promise to my SP10 Pal to post a photo of the package because she has been very thoughtful and generous in this round. Right now, I do have the photos of my HP Pal (still a mystery to me). The blue tissue is indicative of my Ravenclaw status.
Check it out! My own knitted Errol, potions, jelly slugs, book marker, magic knitting needles, the informative book on Hogwarts Beasts and Quidditch. Now, there was also Bertie Bott's beans. Here's the funny thing: I have been eating the Jelly Belly beans which say Grass but is really pear, but these Bertie Bott's are well pretty nasty. I actually tried the grass, bacon, rotten eggs, and blegh. So, what am I to do? I am bringing them to stix tomorrow so Sunday can try this hehehehe...... Thank you Weasley Chick!
Why has the chicken landed? Well, I thought I brought my digital camera to snb at stix last night and I didn't. So, I got everybody in a panic including my exhausted self that my camera was missing. And the friendliest people Alyssa, Kelly, new-Crochet-girl, Lucy, Margaret, Janis, and Fran were all looking in the store lifting baskets and yarn. I completely convinced myself that I had the camera and even better I thought I took pictures with the camera. I ran home to find the camera on the ottoman. So, I call the store (because I left the snb early) and told them:

Me: The Chicken has landed (this was Kelly's idea so DH wouldn't freak out if I did lose the camera)

Sheila (in Sheila's voice): What does that mean you found the camera?

Me: Yes (whispering so DH doesn't hear me)

Sheila: Where was it?

Me: Where I left it.

Sheila: Where was that?

Me: On the sofa.

What Sheila should have said in response, "I told you so! I told you it was on the sofa at your house"

So embarassing. And what's even better was I just had finished a quick impromptu lesson on split and splice to Alyssa and the group. So, here I am feeling all proud that I can explain something and then I cause an uproar and demonstrate that I am not spazz. As you can see based on this story, I have more than a few disasters.

Tell me about some of your disasters and participate in my knitting disaster contest.
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At 2:43 AM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

What a fabulous package!! I love the owl!! He is too cute! I just bought my sister the bertie botts too and didn't realize how gross they were either!

At 9:27 AM elan said...

Love Errol, I learned long ago never to eat those beans. I was a spaz last year when after a successful sale I hid my cash to keep it safe. The house was really clean before I finally found it. No real panic just huge frustration.

At 2:14 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

LOL LOL LOL It happens to me all the time, my watch, my keys, my glasses....

At 3:24 PM WeasleyChick said...

Glad to see your package arrived safely and that you enjoyed the goodies! :)

But who am I? Ask three questions, I'll tell you no lies. I'll "specialis revelio" who's hiding behind this Weasley-ish disguise!

At 8:28 AM Kelly said...

I knew it was at your house! (Because that happens to me all the time) I'm glad you found it.


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