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Well, I have finally completed my Community Resources paper with 2.5 hours before class begins. I can now sit and watch the best programming ever, yes, I Love the 80's. No, it's not the best but it is certainly guilty pleasure. I can turn it on whenever I want and not be lost in a complicated plot and it adds so much knowledge to my education. For instance, as I type this they are discussing the impact of Police Academy on pop culture. Ok, I jest, it is really just background noise for more important things, like attempting to take photos of Maya.

You like her picture? It seems Maya is camera shy or rather she has created a game out of the camera. Everytime she looks oh so adorable and the light goes on signifiying the camera has focused Maya leaps out of the shot. The photo above is an example of this newly invented game.

Ok, this is backwards. I should probably have posted the knitting information first and then random personal stuff like pictures of furbabies. Oh well. So, here is my preparation for the next knitting project, the lacy sweater from Adorable Knits for Tots. I have the Frog Tree merino wool in teal. I have needles. I have the photocopy of the pattern (which I own the book so that is okay) with my notes and the repeats darkened out that I don't need. I have two hours before class begins.

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At 6:10 PM Bezzie said...

Pretty color.

Your dog is hilarious.

I love I Love the 80s too.

I had to comment backwards too.

At 9:24 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhh she is so beautiful!!!

At 9:27 PM --Deb said...

I've got more pictures of Chappy's profile . . . he sees the camera and turns his head away from the flash. He never believes me when I tell him I've turned it off!

At 10:06 AM Kim said...

I do love the 80s! Could Maya be dancing to a Duran Duran song???

At 9:28 PM KnitXcorE said...


i have some frog tree alpaca I should go play with.


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