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That's a good question, I am more curious where is my digital camera that has disappeared from my home. Well, camera has gone missing, it is official after three weeks someone took my camera. So, no photos. No photos of the amazing package Jess sent me. No photos of completed projects (ok, no completed projects but nonetheless) and no photos of Maya in her new collar.

What has been going on?

  • We brought Ella for dental surgery today. She has calculus (yes, her mouth does complicated math problems!) and had to have some teeth removed. She is recovering fine.
  • Maya has learned to sit. It is her trick for everything. She wants attention she sits. Ah, the power of sitting.
  • I am still slowly completing the Log Cabin Blanket. Robbie is probably kicking my *ss on this challenge.
  • I am knitting a dog leash using Daria. It is pretty and I think will only take 1.5 skeins. Barbara at stix came up with this idea which is coming out nicely.
I will post some photos of the Grounds for Sculpture which if you are in Jersey-you should definitely explore it. Amazing!

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At 12:26 AM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Ouch. That stinks about your camera. Sorry to hear that.

Maya learned to sit! I loved when Bailey and Puddles learned that. They still fall back on that whenever they want something :)

At 7:18 AM Bezzie said...

Thanks for the link. We might have to check that out!

At 8:12 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

That is awful, that someone would take your camera!!! I am so sorry!

At 11:52 AM Kara said...

Oh no! That is terrible news about your camera. I'm so sorry.

At 12:10 PM Kim said...

I heard of that Scultpure place and it's supposed to be very neat-o. Too bad about your camera. That stinks!

At 9:31 PM --Deb said...

I've always said that sitting is the doggie version of "Please." When Chappy wants something, he has to ask nicely!

And--I'll go check out that link. Thanks!

At 9:22 PM KnitXcorE said...

i doubt it..... I started a sweater and forgot about it again..... hehe.

At 1:28 PM Deborah said...

Thanks for letting me know about the exhibit. I'll check it out!


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