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DH surprised me today with a new camera for of course exactly what I am posting right now- blogging. I do love this camera and as it is the same one as my last one, I am already familiar with everything. Sadly, I lost photos of Anna Bannana's baby shower. Speaking of babies, here is the updated photo of Gracie's birthday present. It is a pink poncho in Cotton Fleece. I was considering adding a hood but don't want to mess too much with the sizing. And you might have noticed the ends need to be weaved in, but it is all ready to go.
This second project is the Daria project. As I mentioned Barbara introduced me to this pattern for a leash and I think it requires 1.5 skeins. I am dipping into the second skein. It is very cool, although a little awkward.
Other than that, I start work on Monday for the summer employment and I am getting ready to mail out a HP SP package.
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That's a sweet little poncho!


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