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I must be really blah because after I saw the blog rating on SpinWeaveKnitandCake's blog I tracked down this little rating system to learn I am G. I need more scandal in the blog, I guess more profanity. It seems my homage to "The Sofa King" is missed on the rating system. Oh well.

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At 10:17 AM The Crafty Weasel said...


Maybe you should try and just write the word *porn* randomly here and there.

Sort of porn like this porn. Have porn a good porn weekend!


At 10:27 PM hy said...

Hello there! Small world this blog community. Glad you like the pattern. Hope there are no errors with it! When are you working at stix? I have the info for you. Happy 4th!

At 9:56 AM Kim said...

Fucking-A. Yes, more profanity!


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