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Before: Whole Chicken with special rub placed all over the chicken and under the skin. Beer can placed inside (make all the jokes you want we certainly did). Bobby Flay's recipe. (For all those with really good eyes the can of Kong Pate was for Maya, not for us).
After: Let me clarify almost two hours later off the barbeque. Unfortunately, it still needed a little cooking even though the temperature matched what was listed. It tasted delicious and we will definitely try this again.
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At 9:54 AM Kim said...

That chicken needs a pair of handknit booties!

At 11:59 AM Anonymous said...

I love beer can chicken. I don't know Flay's recipe, but mine involves adding butter, garlic salt and paprika to a half-empty bottle of beer before impaling the chicken. Then the butter melts into the beer, and it all cooks into the chicken. Yum.

At 11:24 AM KnitXcorE said...

haha, it just looks really funny :-)


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