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For those who don't know, we just moved to this town four months ago. I just meet one of our neighbors the other day. We tend to find pieces of paper on our front lawn which is bothersome because it mysteriously appears on our lawn. Fine, no problem we can pick paper up. We can dismiss the person who included their beer cans into our recycling. Yet, tonight DH with Maya pick me up at class and when we pull into our driveway we notice that a bowling ball is in the middle of our front lawn.

People, I tell you a bowling ball in the middle of the lawn. A heavy bowling ball. So, what do we do?

Take a photo of proud DH and Maya (ignore the mess we are doing some work). And then I proceed to call Margaret.

Me: We have a bowling ball in the middle of our front lawn.

Marge: A bowling ball?

Me: Do you think I should call the police?

Marge: Is that what you think you should do when a bowling ball appears in the middle of your lawn? Dial 911?

Me: Well, what if what involved in an act of vandalism?

Marge: Yes, the mysterious bowling ball is key evidence in an unsolved crime. Does it look like someone rolled the ball onto your lawn?

Me: It looks like someone dropped it off.

If anyone else has theories on this: welcome to the neigborhood package, neigborly invitation to the bowling team, there's always aliens....

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At 11:50 AM Kim said...

I hope you checked the bowling ball for listening devices before you brought it into your house!


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