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Margaret caught The Harlot at FIT (and that is not the Frybread Intelligence Test for you counseling students) and was able to snag me a signed copy of her book. How cool is that? I was in class doing practice sessions and so sadly no Harlot talk for me. It's the first time I missed during one of her tours. Maybe, I can convince Marge for the WEBS talk. I have started reading the book gingerly... I have three more weeks of classes. I can't read as quickly as usual because I have papers due every week. Blegh.

Although, I love what I have read. Love. LOVE. I don't want to spoil it but I am enjoying the book. It is giving me some gigggles which I need.

Okay, so Dee made the announcement that she has finally started a sock. When she came to visit NJ and we were eating the best french toast in the world, she mentioned she loves the yarn but doesn't knit socks. See, I don't knit socks or rather I didn't. Sunday, I cast on for my first sock (like eight times) the Jaywalkers in Cherry Tree Hill Yarn.

This doesn't necessarily mean I am a sock knitter yet. I am noticing that I like this colorway, however I am in agreement with Dee, I want to knit some colorful yarns. I want to knit somethink bright and reminds me of summer fruits and sorbet.

Well, I like this pattern. It is very easy and I think makes the yarn looks pretty. I am very happy that I am knitting this sock, because that means I can knit socks for people who love socks like MIL.

While it is an accomplishment I am trying something new, this is the extent of my knitting. quite sad. In three weeks that will change.

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At 8:39 AM Ina said...

Nice sock - what's the colorway?

Mmmm... Raymond's!

At 9:17 AM Midnight Purls said...

Sock knitting is more addictive then you think. Just wait until you try on your first completed pair. That's when I got hooked! :)

At 11:47 AM Kim said...

Welcome to sock knitting! It gets addicting and there are so many kick ass colorful sock yarns out there. Hang in there, the end of school is near and then you can knit like crazy!

At 7:39 PM Anonymous said...

I bet you end up liking socks a lot more than you think you will. There may have to be a "sock initiation" to commemorate the event. I feel you on the knitting thing, I haven't knit a stitch in over a week. I think it's the weather....or maybe something in the water.
Keep up the sock knitting-you will love it!
-Your SP10

At 10:08 PM yarn4kalei said...

Way to go!! It looks great!
I am ready to finish my first toe. Hopefully I will be able to post a pic of my first finished sock this weekend. :0)
Mmmmmm...French Toast Thanks again for yarn hosting me that day, it was a total blast!

At 4:10 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Sock knitting is definitely addictive and relaxing! Ha - jaywalkers are my favourite pattern!

At 11:46 AM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

Dude! I am all over that. I was going toask you if you wanted to go. If we don't want to make it a one day trip, we always have logging at the old man's house, it is about an hour away, but at least it's a place to sleep in knit.


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