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With the Jaywalkers complete, I cast on for the Hedera socks last night at 9pm watching the X-Files. Let me tell you Alan's Gourmet Deli in Montclair makes fantabulous sandwiches one of which is this amazing meatloaf with three cheeses and yummy sauce. On Tuesday when I stopped by Alan's they told me no meatloaf until Thursday so this afternoon I went to stix to hang out with Sunday and Patty. I treated Patty because the last time I had the day off she treated me. So, we split this splendid meal of nirvana. Of course, I ended up frogging the Hedera to the cuff due to a disagreement with myself on which way to yarnover. Sunday resolved the argument. How strange, to debate with yourself and have someone else help find the resolution. So, I got the rhythm of Hedera. I am now chilling at la casa (home) waiting for an inspector. What does that mean? Photos.

Here's a photo of the Hedera in the Mulberry colorway. How bright! But it coordinates with my lovely birthday present from Sheila. I feel so spoiled I love this bag. Everyone at the store agrees that this is my bag, little skulls.
And so I thought I would take a snapshot of a portion of Margaret's gift. She gave me this lovely (not pictured) Gund sheep, handmade stitch markers and earrings. Pictured below is the Purple Club colorway in Lorna's Laces sock yarn and some rhonestone skull stitch markers. Sock yarn is blooming!
X-Files Ok, so it seems I have become addicted to X-Files. We saw Season 1 for a great price at Costco, so we bought and watched in 8 ays. We bought season 2 and watched in 10 days. Season 3 we started on Sunday or Monday. I am now obsessed with X-Files. I get upset when I can't knit and watch X-files. I think watching tv series in marathons is the best way to go.
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At 7:46 PM Bezzie said...

Mmm, that sounds good. I might have to check it out. Is Alan's on Bloomfield Ave?

Love that purple Lornas!

At 1:17 PM CynCyn said...

girl! i'm jealous that you get to watch x files for the first time. I love Mulder and Scully!! I think my fave episode is in Season 5 though... (yep, season 5, ep. 12).

At 11:10 AM Kim said...

I used to love watching X-Files. We have a box set of the 1st 100 episodes. Maybe I'll dig that out and start watching. I love the new Lexie Barnes bag with the subtle little skulls. Right up your alley and what a great b-day present!

At 2:36 PM Deborah said...

Just a quick note to say, "Hey, I've finally risen from the dead blogger pile..."

At 8:06 AM Ina said...

Happy Birthday! Very nice haul!!


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