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1. Whole bean or ground?

Whole bean. We have a grind and brew.

2. Fully-loaded or decaf?


3. Regular or flavored?

I love flavored, nutty flavors (hazelnut, coconut, vanilla). I don't like chocolate flavors in my coffee.

4. How do you drink your coffee?

Light and sweet.

5. Favorite coffee ever?

Hawaiian Hazelnut (it has a touch of coconut), Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto, and the Gingerbread coffee my last partner sent me was fantabulous!

6. Are you fussy about your coffee or will any old bean do?

I hope I get something yummy. This is a strange question.

7. Favorite treats to have with your coffee?

I really don't indulge in treats with coffee, I love coffee. I don't like chocolate, I really don't like chocolate. As far as treats are concerned, I am straight sweet tooth (sugary sweet candy).

8. Anything else about your coffee preferences?

I don't like fruity flavors with coffee like raspberry.

9. Yarn/fiber you love?

I love Malabrigo. I am getting into sock yarn.

10. Yarn/fiber you hate?

I am an earth toned person. I am not a fan of pink. I am not a fan of acrylic or novelty yarn.

11. What's on your needles?

CTH sock yarn to make Hedera socks. Malabrigo to make Wicked sweater. Cashmere for a baby blanket.

12. Favorite colors?

Red, Brown, Green, earth tone colors.

13. Allergies?

No allergies, but I am not a fan of smoking and I am sensitive to the smell.

14. Anything you really love, really don't like, or just need to get off your chest?

I love science fiction.

I really don't like Lord of the Rings (six hours about walking ).

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At 3:00 PM Deborah said...

I want to hear more about your Latin day. Write me about it please.


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