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They are both done. That is-the Jaywalkers in CTH Java colorway. Yeah! The pair of socks are going to my mom. I need to also make a pair for my Aunt. My aunt noticed this pair and commented how much she liked the earth tone colors. The problem is these are a little snug on me and she has a larger foot, so I thought I would make a special pair of socks just for her. Izzy doesn't seem as impressed with my socks (in fact don't you have the impression he thinks my feet are stinky?)

Margaret came over yesterday with her DH for a barbeque to celebrate my birthday. It was our first barbeque. Hamburgers and grilled vegetables, oh yummy. Not only was I surprised by the wonderful present (photo will be posted later), but also by the ice cream cake. I don't care how old I am, my favorite birthday celebration is ice cream cake.

Well, I am now casting on for Hedera. Hmm... again in CTH in some pink color. Although, I am quite tempted to knit with Lorna's Laces in Purple Club that Margaret gave me. I keep squeezing it, it has such sproing. I need an idea of what pattern to follow for that yarn.

Oh-so my mom wants to buy me a gift just for me for my birthday. I feel so spoiled. Honestly, when it comes to my birthday for the past six years all I ask for is things for my home. My mom wants to treat me to something just for me. So, what's the problem? I have no idea what to get. She wants to take me to the LYS and buy it. I have a ball winder and I still need a swift (but they haven't arrived yet in the store), maybe more addi turbo or addi lace for the magic loop, ohhhh maybe Shaefer Yarns. Oh, I just don't know.
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At 11:43 PM IrishgirlieKnits & PashyKnits said...

Oh, the Jaywalkers look fabulous! Love that color! I still need to try this many little time. Great job!

At 11:39 AM Cordelia said...

I love ice cream cake too! :-)


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