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So, after yesterday's search and rescue mission for my missing size 8 ebony Lantern Moon needle which propelled me to look through my stash, I consulted the Yarn Harlot's Cast Off book as reference material. Ok, first I spoke to Margaret about said MIA needle and I mentioned the missing needle caused me to freak out about all my UFO's. We identified that my problem is that I really need to have closure on projects before beginning new ones and certainly before expanding my stash. According to the five stages of stashing, I am probably somewhere between Anger and Bargaining. I would guess Ms. Forgetful Stitcher is on acceptance. What does this mean?

Anger- I have to use my leftover yarn to make stuff and I need to control the stash.
Bargaining- I need to finish a project before starting a new one. I learned that I get around this rule every so often by hiding a UFO and thus forgetting about it-therefore the project never existed.

What does this all mean? Today, I am finishing FIL's scarf. I am now debating should I give to him for Father's Day (not the best time to wear it middle of June in Jersey) or next Christmas (scarf will then be two years old)...Decisions to be made.

So, what stash stage are you at?

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At 6:35 PM Bezzie said...

I'm totally a bargainer. Will not cast on til something is off and even then I can't tell you the last time I bought yarn (for me). Red Heart doesn't count right? ;-)

At 7:44 PM Kim said...

I'm in the bargaining stage. Given that you work in a yarn store I would think you'd have moved beyond the anger stage.

At 1:52 PM Kelly said...

I'm in the "I'm buried under my stash and my pile of works in progress" so I can't answer you stage! Seriously, way too much of both. It's an illness!


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