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Sunday was an interesting day, problems with the radiator, dogs meeting dogs, wagging tails and more wagging tails, and a phone call from North Shore Animal League. It seems Ms. Anna Banana (yup the pregnant one) and Mr. Banana (he actually has a last name but I chose aliases in order to protect the innocent) had adopted a dog. Yes, people, this is ironically the same weekend we did. So, of course here she is Ms. Gracie.
I think Gracie has some sheepdog in her as she has the coloring but they mentioned she definitely has Whippet. She is the same age as Ms. Layla and it sounds like the same size.
When I go to visit in April (when the baby is due!) I will be bringing Ms. Layla (aka Name-to-be-determined) to meet Pookie, Gracie, and Anna. Oh, the fun we will have, lots of doggies, wet tongues, and a pregnant lady ready to pop. Oh, the fun we will have! Actually, I am counting down the days!!!
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At 10:33 PM CynCyn said...

so so so SO CUTE!

At 10:44 AM Kim said...

oh the schmoochy bootchy cute puppie. You should knit some silly clothes for Ms. Layla. Maybe some bunny ears?


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