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Well, Friday Night Knitting led Margaret and myself to watching Gone in 60 Seconds. DH picked up the standard General Tsao's chicken (extra spicy) for dinner and the knitting was good. Let's see, I think Margaret did work on several projects, while I focused on the Wicked pattern. Actually, I wound up some more Malabrigo. As we were chilling out, Izzy chased Churchill and got his tail stuck on her yarn and took off running with her Rowan chasing after him into the other room. Oh, the kitty madness ensued while we had a good laugh. Pictures below...

DH demonstrating how far the skein went and Margaret on the other side laughing.
Ok, so I totally admit it, I can watch Gone in 60 Seconds a million times. For some reason I love this film, actually for several reasons, I love this film. I love Giovanni Ribisi, the cars, the humor, Sphinx, pretty much all the characters... and, AND I can knit to the movie.

So, I will leave you with a photo of mysterious Ella Bean. She is stunningly cute.
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At 11:44 PM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

So I did watch it, and I'm going down right now to have a copy ready for you tomorrow...Promise. BTW, Sphinx only has that one line at the end....Check for yourself.

Your cat was too funny last night, came out of no where and got that ball right off the couch. Cats really do LOVE yarn.

At 11:03 AM Kim said...

Sounds like a fun knitty night. It was great meeting you on Sunday! I see Margaret commented so I can check out her blog! Cool!

At 6:12 PM CynCyn said...

cats are good to keep around for entertainment value, even if most of the time it's funny to everyone but you.

At 5:43 PM Krista M said...

Cats and yarn. do. not. mix. Thankfully, I have a Himalayan who is far more interested in himself tahn the yarn!


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