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Well, I actually owe a few updates and posts which I will attempt to simplify.

Two Sundays ago, I met Chappy's mom and her mom, but no Chappy. I was at stix-n-stitches. Deb is very nice and we are always exchangin emails all the time. I am not sure if I posted this as I couldn't locate on my blog.

Last Sunday, I met Kim, from Yarny Old Kim, and her friend. Kim is so nice and we have also been exchanging emails for a while, and lo and behold we both have a thing for skulls. So, Kim, here is a shout-out, wait to you see what I ordered from etsy (dangerous!).
Now Margaret was chilling out on the sofa, and a circle was formed at sns when Cara from January One walked through the door. I met Cara briefly at Rhinebeck and I had a feeling it was her but the Central Park Hoodie she was sporting confirmed it (well actually, me asking her if she was Cara confirmed it, but still I should get some kudos)

Ok, so Friday night Margaret comes over to hang out and knit. Last week, we watched Gone in 60 Seconds for the 60th time, and this week it was a Bridget Jones 1 & 2. However, once again, one of the cats undermined Margaret's knitting by slicing her yarn for the Odessa hat in half. Thankfully, Margaret has a good sense of humor about this as you notice she is holding up the cut yarn. Unfortunately, we cannot confirm the culprit however our main suspect is orange and white, weighs ten pounds, has brown eyes, and is known as Stinky on the street, if you see him let us know, he was last seen licking himself.

So, the baby shower is this Sunday. I will be missing Kate Jacobs at stix, but I will have someone pick me up a signed copy. Which means, I will after Sunday post pictures of the knitted projects I have been working on, so that Project A actually has an attached photo (which it deserves). Project B will probably have some photos as that will not be done for the shower (sigh).

Other than that, I am happy to report I am on Spring Break from classes which really just means I don't have to drive to MSU this week but I will be working on papers, papers and more papers.

Project Updates
Project A which is finishing up.
Project B is come to a grinding halt.
Project C is moving along incredibly slowly.
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At 9:19 PM --Deb said...

Well, you know, Chappy would love to meet you, too....

At 10:14 PM CynCyn said...

those sneaky cats. And always when you least expect it. Sounds like a fun weekend!

At 12:09 PM Kim said...

What did you order? Post a photo when you get it! That was such a fun Sunday when all the bloggers converged at SnS. I can hardly wait for Rhinebeck! I don't think I'd be as good humored as Margaret. ha ha


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