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Well, all night I was hoping, begging, praying for today to have no school and voila, I got the phone call no work today at 5:45am. Of course, this was the same time I was having a dream about taking a walk to 35th street in New York to go shopping (I have no idea I was just walking around). DH of course was grumbling how he is jealous, but I have no sympathy, so he of course continued grumbling. Okay, so it is now 7:24AM (yes people I am blogging this early) because I couldn't go to sleep, so I am chilling with a cup of coffee, learning that Knitty Gritty is on HGTV at this time in the morning, and taking photos of the day's events.

Puffy hugging my artyarns scarf. I know, I know, that is insanity letting her puffiness curl up to the scarf. Actually, the is a spot on this scarf where the yarn was cut (it must have been caught on something at work because I found it on the job as it was unraveling) and I have to mend it. I actually considered frogging and re-knitting because I seriously love this scarf. I wear it with a brown top and it is seriously stunning and I only say that because I find myself hypnotized with the colors.

Then, of course, I opened the front door to find DH cleaning off his car. For those who don't know when DH moved here from the UK he kept asking when it would snow and now the thought of snow he grumbles.

And the most ironic revelation this week: The other day when it was actually 80 degrees outside, I pulled out a chair and read my SP's site in the backyard. I saw a neighbor I have not met and so I boldly walked over and introduced myself. He seemed very nice and had an accent. Yes, I inquired-I had to- because I already knew the answer.

Me- "Excuse me where are you originally from?"

Him- "I am from London"

M- "Of course. Classic. My husband is from Coventry" (And the subtitles in my head said I can't escape from English folks ;)

Him- "Oh, 'right" (His subtitles said Man, how long is this woman going to keep talking?)

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At 10:20 AM Ina said...

Sorry you'll miss the Harlot. I'll be sure to post a full report.


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