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Just not mine. Hehe! Well, thank so much to Spring Break I was able to attend the stix-n-stitches snb tonight and I had a lovely time. I picked up some garlic-y goodness gyros from Greek Delights which I haven't indulged in so long, and then, I had some German Chocolate Cake Coffee, and then I knit on Anna Banana's gift. I took a picture of my progress and instead of posting the photo, I am posting a photo of Cindy's baby blanket in progress. The hands in the pic belong to Cindy, Deborah, and Sheila, all oogling the shimmer of the mercurized cotton. It is a beautiful sheen! I made progress AND picked up some wonderful gifts for my SP10. I think she will like what I got as it is the color she said she likes, it is fiber she said she likes, and is enough to make a sweater. And Fran, a regular, helped me pick out the right shade of this particular color as it is also her favorite color.

Ok. So, earlier, I mentioned that Kim would drool over my recent etsy purchase and I say that because if you were obssessed with knitting and skulls like Kim and I, wouldn't glass knitting needles with a holographic image of a skull make you drool. Well, i did, so I splurged. I still need to knit with them, but aren't they pretty? They are from Sunny South Glass.

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At 11:59 PM Kim said...

My mouth gaped open in awe when I saw that holographic skull knitting needle. I am a circular needle die hard, but that is just so fun to have sitting around the house. I must get one. What a dedicated SP10 spoiler you are! I haven't heard boo from my Secret Pal. I am in touch with my spoilee, but I can't say more. I'm paranoid, I'll blow my cover. ha ha

At 1:00 PM Michelle said...

Those are awesome! I know another Kim that would love those too. Thanks for the link to the shop.

At 9:57 AM Ina said...

Gawping at skull needle. Amazing!

At 12:59 PM It's Me, Maven... said...

When I drive into Montclair I usually make a trip to Stix-N-Stitches, and that tea shop right across the street. It's well worth the trip for me, and under an hour away from where I'm at.

I'm missing my old haunts!


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