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Well, I had another day off today (unexpectedly), and I was up and running around at 7pm this morning. As the coffee was brewing I was doing homework, researching visa paperwork for DH, writing reports, and eventually I even sat down to start Wicked. Yes, I love Ms. Bannana but I cannot keep working on size 3 without developing more grey hairs (and I just got the grey hairs handpainted). So, last night I did my gauge swatch and this pattern will be knit in Orchid colorway a la Malabrigo. So, I sat down at the sofa, facing the fireplace, with my fake applues, cup of java, notions bag, sheep tape measure, and printed pattern wth my notes on it. Did I mention I have the necessary fake apples? Oh, I did.

As I sat knitting and focusing on my new project. Sigh. I heard a banging like someone knocking on the door. The noise came from the kitchen so I creeped on over to discover Ms. Puffiness opening the bottom cabinet. Repeatedly. Over and over again. So, I picked her up and plopped her on the sofa. Two hours later we repeated this whole event. Later on, Ninna (the tabby below) snifed some catnip and proceeded to make out with the carpet howling to an unknown tune.

Yup, Ms. Ninna joined me on the sofa as I attempted to follow the pattern. She seems to enjoy a lot of attention and affection. It seems a lot happens in the house when I am not here. More importantly here are my knitting updates:

Project A: I am working on the border, which I just discovered I need to seam on to the whole thing. Yeah. So you don't know what this project is but you will when I finally post the photo.

Project B: I need to pick up again. This one is much bigger than originally imagined.

Project C: No progress.

Homegoods Update: Ok, so I did find the two shams to match the original quilt at Homegoods. However, I was going to HG to look for an accessory for an upcoming event. I sent my father to the HG near him so we both had no luck so tomorrow I go to HG Parsippany yet again. Total HG trips: 4 Total Cost: Priceless (lies! It does cost, but's still fun!)

Project D: My Wicked sweater. I am so excited to knit this thing as I have heard good things and it is my first seamless sweater.
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At 3:04 AM Kathy said...

Thanks so much for your comment. He was a wonderful man.
I see in the picture from the previous post you had See's Candy. I am soooo jealous!! Love their caramels, yum!


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