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This morning began at the wonderful Raymonds in Montclair. The best french toast. Ever. I met Dee visiting from California. Dee was visiting a friend and needed a place to catch breakfast so I offered to meet for coffee and french toast. We then went off to stix for coffee and yarn browsing. Dee was introduced to Malabrigo and Fibre Company and I think she is getting a long really well with Malabrigo. And I was so spoiled because she brought See's chocolates and caramel covered popcorn. Admittedly, I am not a fan of chocolate but DH loves the stuff, me-I think it is the Caribbean side of me I like the sweet stuff. Hmmm....

The tulips above are from DH. He surprised me with some sunshine. We just enjoyed Bangkok Kitchen yet again. Hmmm, I indulged in the red sticky rice with vanilla ice cream. Spicy food always make me happy.
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At 9:23 PM Kim said...

Delicious! I love the food at Raymonds. Next Sunday, I am having brunch there and yarn crawl after. Yippee!


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