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Well, Thursday was a catching up with my pregnant friend (the one who keeps investigating her gift) who we will call Anna Bannana, getting a haircut. DH and I ate some yummy Indian from Whole Foods. This lovely photo is not great but I think it is a wonderful "find the nosey cat".
Anyways, going to back to Anna Bannana. As my friend checks in on my blog I have not been posting photos of my recent projects. However, folks I will post photos after her baby shower which is March 18th. So, I am posting a photo of where I have been knitting to finish Ms. Bannana's gift. You will notice all the things needed, row counter, written pattern, knitting bag, remote control, glass of mountain dew, and fake fruit. All the required items are present.
Speaking of March 18th. Kate Jacobs, author of Friday Night Knitting Club, will be at stix-n-stitches for a reading and book signing. Yes, this is the book that is being produced by Julia Roberts into a movie she will be starring. Yes, this is the book people are chatting about on the blogs and knittyboard. I don't know the specific time but as soon as I know I will post here.
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At 8:21 PM CynCyn said...

ooh... knitting while doing the Dew? sounds like inspiration, but Dew is not longer my major food group. Sniff. I miss the Dew. Can't wait to see what you've been knitting!

At 11:13 AM --Deb said...

Love the picture--I would never have seen the cat if you hadn't mentioned it!


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