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One pleasure of owning our own home is that DH has his own room (the office) and I have an arts and crafts room. The room is extremely rectangular, translation is that it is very short but long so I am still maneuvering the room to best use the space. When you first wook in the room you are greeted by a wood armoire (not pictured) which stores my scrapbooking. The armoire was purchased by my parents for $10 over thirty years ago in a garage sale. I love it because it is so unique, maybe I should post its pic. Ah, nevermind. Anyways, on the other end of the wall is my knitting nook. In between are two chairs for sitting and knitting.

At the end of the room is an oak bookcase which is given to me for free. Now, I love this piece. The friend of a friend who had the piece for decades found the piece when a library was updating its shelving to metal. The bookcase is a perfect storage unit for books, baskets filled with yarn, and space for growth. I have a tiffany-style lamp sitting on top of the bookcase (as you can see) and I have some lovely acquisitions from Homegoods (love it!).
Although, this may appear organized the reality is that on the other side of the wall are piles of boxes, yarn in bags (I need more baskets) and random things. In addition we learned yesterday that one of the cats has not been adjusting to the move and expressing this by converting its cat bed into a litterbox. Yup. One of the cat beds was in the art room. We lifted the carpet this afternoon and sprayed Nature's Miracle to remove the odor and what a freaking odor it is! Tomorrow, I will be spraying again. What we did learn is that we don't like the carpet in this room and are considering in the future to switching to a different flooring.
The little offender (ahem the peeing cat) has only targeted the cat beds. The previous owners had cats and it is a possibility that she is placing her odor in the home. However, we have been in the house for a little over two weeks now. DH has been house sitting for friend's and taking care of their pug and I think that is the larger influence. Another factor is that the litterboxes are in the basement and we think her trip to the basement is being blocked by the other cats. We are accommodating her needs by adding another litterbox. What the cats want, the cats get.

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