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Well if this works, kudos to Pam for recommending Picasa 2 and thank you to all those with recommendations. I am keeping my fingers crossed this actually posts the photos but I will type this as if it did. Well, the first photo is my mom's late birthday present. It is a mistake rib scarf and a coordinated hat which I obtained the pattern from Yarnplay. Granted the mistake rib is a basic pattern which you could google, the hat I have to admit is pretty creative and so simply creative why I haven't seen it sooner I do not know. It is made out of Malabrigo (of course) Rojo Intenso. I admit I wore the hat the other day after I couldn't find our still packed scarves and such and it was oh so warm.

The second photo is an ongoing scarf which is seed stitch made out of Malabrigo (notice a pattern here?). Although, I originally imagined this scarf being given to DH I am thinking of giving this as a gift to an artist who gave us a painting. It is coming out really nice even though the diamonds have disappeared and what is really strange they disappeared before I started the second skein. Go figure!

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At 4:52 PM MollyKnits said...

what pretty scarves!

At 8:29 PM Krista M said...

Oooo, malabrigo. I've been meaning to get some of that. Maybe it will be my reward for finishing the stash-along this year!

At 12:17 AM Julia said...

that set is so lovely! I just bought the Yarnplay book so I've been curious how the patterns are working out for everyone.

At 1:51 PM Deborah said...


Please email me your color preferences (red, gray, pink or green - and your address again) for that silly yarn contest I had a ways back. I didn't want to send it before you got somewhat settled in.


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