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So, at Thursdays snb at sns, Remy crocheted a baby cap in a matter of minutes for Warm-Up America. I have heard the women at stix discussing the Warm Up America Cap Initiative, so I thought I would share the sns announcement just in case you haven't heard and would like to participate.

Did you know that your knitting can help save a life?


stix-n- stitches is urging everyone to participate in Warm Up America’s Baby Cap Drive.
This very worthwhile charity is calling for 250,000 handmade baby caps by January 2, 2006. The hand knitted or crocheted caps will be distributed world wide by Save the Children.
Bring us your baby caps and get a gift from stitx-n-stitches:

1) Go to for the details and baby cap pattern or stop in to stix-n-stitches for the pattern. There is a downloadable name form that you can use to attach your name to each hat.
2) Knit or crochet 5 baby caps and bring them to stix-n-stitches. They need not be knit in yarn from us, but must be made from soft, machine washable yarn. Attach your name to each one.
3) For each 5 caps you drop off, receive a coupon for %10 off a future purchase. There is no limit to the number of coupons you can receive, but the coupons cannot be combined.

stix-n-stitches will mail all of the baby hats to Warm-Up-America. The caps will be delivered to the White House on January 2, 2006, then distributed world wide by Save the Children as part of an initiative to lower infant mortality.

Go to Warm Up America has more details on the program.

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At 1:11 PM athena said...

man! i just dropped off 3 hats at the save the children booth at stitches. anyway, the caps are really easy and only take a couple of hours.


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