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Yup, I am a joiner. Super-joiner. Super-Duper Joiner. I joined the Knitters Coffee Swap this week. I couldn't jump on the tea swap because I drink three cups a tea a year (10 if I visit the in-laws in the UK). But, coffee, I drink everyday, one hot steaming cup a day. I was raised in a household that appreciated coffee. On weekends, brewing coffee through the use of a stovetop espresso (cafetera) and warming milk in a pan to cultivate luxurious cafe con leche. It developed in college the promotion of coffeshops and in college I worked as a barista for a local coffeeshop. In this arena, my love of coffee fully grew. I tasted all sorts of gourmet coffees (Puerto Rican Yauco Selecto, Kona, Jamaica Blue Mountain, etc). DH is a huge coffee aficionado as well.

So, how could I resist? I didn't.

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