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Originally uploaded by callingkahlo.
I justify all photos of the cats by stating new digital camera takes really nice shots. We are just ecstatic to get such nice photos. Puffy is a funny cat as she slikes to sleep in strange places. We have found her sleeping behind the tv, behind the subwoofer, in the closet in a basket, in between the wall and a trunk,... it seems she redefines new areas for the cats to explore sleeping. Once she has investigated a spot, all the others follow.

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At 11:05 PM CynCyn said...

are you gonna take pics of Puffy in these strange sleeping quarters?
what yarn are you using for the CP? and i hope you don't have to use that ball of Zara either!!

At 1:13 PM athena said...

no justification needed. more kitty pics! by the way, what camera did you buy (have you mentioned it before)?

At 5:43 PM Jessica said...


the picture of your central park hoodie has inspired me to do some work on mine - it looks fabulous and i love the chocolate color!

happy knitting1

At 10:28 PM Krista M said...

Wait, my camera is old and the thrill is gone...but I still love taking pics of my kitty!


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