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Yup, the packing has begun. It is official. We are starting with the books and then moving to the non-essential kitchen items and dishes. I don't know what we will pack after that, possibly dvds and cds. I can't believe how quickly these boxes filled up. I guess it makes sense because we put books in the boxes.

I am creating signs for each box with neon paper that lists the item, the room, and a graphic. The graphic represents the room and then I will make signs for each room in the house with the coordinating graphic so that could help the movers in locating which items go in what rooms.

I have no idea where anything is going. And after seeing the shape of my folks new home today, I want this move organized and quick.

Well, the kitties think this stack is a new cat toy. They are all leaping to see who can get the highest.

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At 11:38 PM Jaime said...

The idea of putting graphics on the boxes and in the rooms for the movers is fantastic! I'll make sure I remember that for the next time my boyfriend and I move...which may well be in the middle of the summer. Fantastic idea.


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