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Central Park Hoodie's Back
Originally uploaded by callingkahlo.
Everybody....rock your body.... CP Hoodie is back! Ok, I was never a backstreet fan, but somehow the song was in my head.

I finished the back of the Central Park Hoodie, and I have cast on for the left front. I can't wait to see this sweater finished. I am thinking of adding one button like the Haphazard Knitter and even today while at sns, I was drooling over which buttons could go on the sweater.

Did I mention how easily this sweater knits up? Yarn-A-Go-Go had mentioned that this is a quick and easy knit, which I totally agree.

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At 4:46 PM Kara said...

Oh Backstreet...good times.

CPH is lookin' good. That chocolate hoodie is delicious.


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