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I don't know how easily you can see this picture, but the front left front is done. In fact, I spent my day off with the first three hours at the service center of the dealership for an oil change, check up, and patch on the tire. It was good I brought with my knitting with me (I felt very prepared). So, I brought the wrap and the hoodie and knit on both of them (not at the same time silly!). Afterwards, I drove to Jefferson and helped the folks unpack in their new home.
After that, I went to snb at stix. Deborah donated some beautiful things for the bazaar this weekend, and I caught with Margaret (who is having a tough week so send her some good vibes). It seems that some of my progress at the car dealership needed to be undone.

Anyways, I finished the front left at stix. I didn't have the yarn on me to start the right front, so once again I busted out the wrap and knitted some rows on the sleeves. I am bored of the sleeves and what's worst is that I am completely under the impression I am going to be short on the yarn I need. So, I need to find more yarn. I feel like I always run short on yarn for large projects, ah the learning process.

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