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Well, I have joined my first Knit-a-long. In fact, I am joining a couple. Why not? I am very excited since I never did a KAL. All the planets are aligning, so since I just learned to cable a few weeks passed at Margaret's b-day party coupled with my fascination with the Central Park Hoodie. I have found two KAL's that meet one garment. I thought about this for a while. I am so impressed/overwhelmed/awestruck with how so many online knitters can join a KAL. I think about what I am going to knit for so long (it has nothing to do with my intimidation to make clothes). This time, I thought, as Maya on Girlfriends would say, "Hell no". I am going to knit a cable sweater.

Now that my yarn has arrived from Webs I have to compare and contrast the two and knit up some swatches. I am leaning towards the Classic Elite because I like the tweed factor. I think that Elizabeth Lavold can be used for another sweater.

So, below, are up close and personal photos of the two yarns that are my options. Hmmmm...

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At 5:51 PM Michelle said...

Mmmm. Skye Tweed. I love that stuff!!


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