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Ok, so there is no physical progress on the Central Park Hoodie, but my yarn purchase did arrive. Webs announced a great price on Classic Elite Skye Tweed so I glanced over ordered enough to make the CP Hoodie and then saw the Elizabeth Lavold at a great price. So, I couldn't decide and considering the downfall of internet purchases is not being able to touch the yarn or see the actual colors (monitors alter the colors), so I ordered both. It seemed logical at the time. Essentially, I can swap the yarn I don't use or I can someday eventually use it.

The five pound box arrived this afternoon. This is perfect timing. When yarn arrives on your doorstep is it not perfect timing (whatever time that may be)? Anyways, I finished a difficult exam yesterday so the yarn makes me feel good.

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At 8:05 PM CynCyn said...

exam in career? i would say it's not that big a deal, but that career theory shows up a lot on the nce. yuck. it was heavily represented in my program's comprehensive exams too. i'm sure you did well.

At 7:32 AM Dr. Purl said...

I just love it when yarn arrives in the mail!!! I look forward to your progress.

At 3:11 PM knitfix said...

I love the Kahlo theme. I use one of her paintings on my blog.

Enjoy Rhineback! I'm green with envy.

Say hi to Andrea from Canada, who is another square.

At 5:20 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Ohhhh you have tempted me!!!! Ohhhhh!!!!


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