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So, I rarely catch Futurama except for when DH has control of the remote control and I am self-focused on knitting (BTW: self-focus includes new acquisition of two skeins of Malabrigo in Jaen colorway for DH's new scarf). So, I hear this piece of dialogue:

Leela: If you don't mind, we're here to deliver the scissors for the ribbon-cutting.
Zapp: Then you're under arrest.
Leela: What for?
Zapp: How do I know these scissors aren't part of some Neutral plot?
Leela: But they're not even sharp. Who could I possibly hurt with them?
Zapp: The Yarn People of Nylar 4? So, a plan to assassinate a weird-looking alien with scissors. How very Neutral of you.

After 15 minutes of surfing I cannot locate a photo of The Yarn People but picture two skeins of pink yarn sipping tea and talking.

Oh! So, Thursday night at sns involved my new yummy malabrigo which after a few swatches I have settled on a seed stitch. I know, I know, I type but no photos and where is the fun in reading and not looking at photos? I promise photos will soon appear. Cathy's mom (whom I forgot to get her name) knit up this beautiful sweater which was either Fair Isle or Intarsia and tons of colors. The buttons were made by her DH who had used a branch from the cherry tree and cut at an angle. It was truly stunning, impressive, and amazing (oh yeah and it had a zipper). All of this she knit in a month.

Ok, so DH and I will be traveling to the UK at the end of this month. You might have heard about the latest news, (if you haven't you seriously need to check the news more often) about the failed terrorist plot to use flights from the UK. Oh yes, we are in panic mode. We have another week or so to learn the latest on what we can bring but call me crazy I am sure no knitting will occur on the plane. Eight hours and no knitting! Anybody have suggestions for the flight, i.e. books, learn a new language, practice my scales with my fingers on the meal tray, etc....

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At 3:20 PM Ina said...

Please be aware that the restrictions are MUCH more stringent for flights from London to the U.S. than the other way round.

Travel safe - and do have a good time!


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