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Ok, so I was actually up to date on my bloglines when I went to Wendy Knits to learn that Socks that Rock made a special colorway after Lucy. Oh yes, they did. Which is why, Lucy is Izzy's hero. Well, Izzy doesn't really know who Lucy is, what the computer does, or why I knit, but I think it is really cool Lucy is immortalized. And when Wendy mentioned you can order the Lucy colorway by contacting Blue Moon FiberArts- I did it. So, shortly, not only will I receive my "bad shelter" in blue surf (ahem that is Malabrigo yarn for those who missed my earlier post), I am also getting some Socks that Rock in Lucy. Ironically, I should probably learn how to knit socks. Isn't that the way, you buy yarn and learn what to do with it next.

More irony, this isn't my first sock yarn. Oh no, I forgot to post about this purchase. A month or so ago, Lionbrand emailed about the Red Cross Knit Kit which is a cute litte tin (see picture) which includes army green sock yarn, DPNs, and a finishing needle. I couldn't resist.

I think there has to be a rule to how much sock yarn I need to acquire before I break down and knit some socks. I still need to coordinate and see if I can get one of Trek's sock bags. Oh, so many things to do, so little time.

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At 11:28 AM michaele said...

there's no rule - that's the beauty of it!


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