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So, have I mentioned when I knit with malabrigo I make people I know touch the yarn or the project. At least, I haven't grabbed strangers and insisted they touch the yarn. And so after I am about to finish the second skein of the library shawl for Ben's grandma in this yummy soft blue to white variegated yarn, I realize that no, I don't have enough yarn. Now, I was stupid and didn't realize this at sns when I first purchased the yarn because they don't have anymore left. Sheila being really cool actually started calling other lys to see if they have any of the yarn in stock and no luck. So, the inevitable happens (and if your answer to the inevitable is frogging you don't know me) I surf the internet for two hours in search of the yarn. While I did come across Yarnia the sample photo of the colorway was really off (did I mention it was Blue Surf #28?) so I come across Personal Threads. So, the yarn is ordered and it should be arriving. When I explained the ordeal to my father a man who has no understanding for knitting and more importantly dismisses my fondand love of fiber, he tells me Malabrigo means a bad coat. Out of the whole discussion of the needing the yarn, handmade gift, ordering off the internet, buying yarn from Nebraska, etc., he only hears the word Malabrigo. Out of boredom, I look up mal abrigo and find out it means bad shelter.

Oh! Non-knitting news. We finally put down the Flor mats on the dining room. I am so happy that the room is now done.

Lastly, I will be chilling at sns tonight's sit and knit. I may try and get more done on the log cabin blanket or....maybe, I will buy some more Malabrigo for another scarf. It seems during a moment of weakness, well a moment of me and DH sitting at Borders for the afternoon, I picked up Last Minute Knitted Gifts and fell in love with a few projects. And one would be perfect with Malabrigo yarn....

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At 3:22 PM Ina said...

Thanks for the etymology! Wonder why something so nice has a "bad" name.


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