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Well, it has been a crazy summer. I finished all the classes last week and I was exhausted. I did well on all my classes (I am smiling as I type) and I feel like I finished a significant portion of my work this summer. Sadly, we didn't get the house we bid on due to some shadiness but let's put that aside. On the other hand, my folks bought a house ironically while looking for a house for DH and I. My father gets bored (he's retired and enjoys projects).

More importantly what am I knitting?

  1. Well, I have had the baby blanket on my needles all summer.
  2. I just started the library shawl for DH's grandma. It is a shawl with pockets. This is being knit on Blue Surf colorway on my all time favorite Malabrigo. It is so much my favorite I made my husband pet the shawl at our dinner at LoneStar. Sadly, I didn't pay attention to how much yarn I needed so I just spent an hour locating a store with my colorway. Agh.
  3. Karaoke in green for FIL. I have had this on the needles for months and I sorta don't care. Not that I don't like my FIL, I do- he's a sweetheart and very funny, but it is a project that is perfect for travelling and just hangs out in my home.
  4. The baby bib from Mason Dixon book. I picked up the Sugar n' Cream yarn available at my AC Moore and thought why not, and I did. Although, the book says the yarn is Peaches n' Cream, but they sell Sugar n' Creme. I wonder what the difference is? I wonder more if I am really concerned with this difference? Only time will tell.
  5. Lastly, I started the Log Cabin Blanket. I started the moderne one for my mom for Christmas. I am not doing the small one, I am doing the large one on Superwash Cascade.

I promise photos to follow. I like photos. But that requires more time and attention than I am accustomed. Anyways, if anyone is looking for radiator covers, I have two metal ones in a soft white that are way too big for my place (and they reimbursed but gave up on the service).

Other than that, what else is going on?

  1. I went to Borders and picked up a trashy romance novel the day after classes ended and I loved reading every minute. I finished it that night at 2am and then slept until12pm and I loved every minute of sleeping.
  2. DH and I bought the Simpsons UNO deck and had a blast playing at the cafe.
  3. Puffy cat loves DH's flip flops. I don't understand this strange behavior, but I enjoy watching it.
  4. I had thai food. I love thai food.
  5. My neighbors went away for the weekend and I loved every minute of not hearing them.
  6. I spent Saturday afternoon at stix-n-stitches knitting. I loved every minute of it.
  7. I saw Pirates of the Caribbean 2. I loved every minute of Johnny Depp (or was it Orlando Bloom...?)

Ok, so I took advantage of this weekend. Yeah!

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At 12:16 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

Welcome back!!!
Congratulations on your course work!
Still looking for a house?
It sounds like you're having a great summer!! :-)

At 3:46 PM Katie said...

OMG! your folks are moving?? lol. where to?

congrats on the end of school ;o)


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