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The Crafty Weasel sent a nice email asking how everything is going. And she is correct, we have been house hunting, car hunting, and school school school!!! I have two weeks if classes left and several papers, summaries, and presentations left. DH bought his replacement car after the last one was totalled. And we have something else to announce but I am waiting on announcing it as I want to get through the next two weeks.

On the knitting front. I have the Debbie Bliss sweater to finish. Ok, here I am knitting both sleeves at the same time and somehow one is larger than the other. Then, I am starting the Log Cabin Blanket for a Christmas gift. Anyways, I ramble and I have serious work to get done. I am two weeks behind in all my classes and I have a week to catch up. Agh!

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At 3:11 PM CynCyn said...

2 weeks behind? skim baby, skim. and bookmark/highlight. then the important stuff is easy reference for papers you're writing.
good luck with the house and car hunting!

At 8:10 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

Nice to have you back!!! :-) Ooohhh sounds like a big announcement!!! I am glad all is well but I'm sorry about all the work!! I hope you can have a bit of a holiday after this!!


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