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Well, I thought this map looked interesting after checking out Tres Bon Babble's second finished Clapotis. I was planning on doing a map of the world, except that I realized although I have left the country a dozen times I haven't seen a significant amount of the world.
I have been up and down the East Coast when I was a kid and my parents took me camping. My grandfather lived in Florida so we camped up and down from Jersey. I also went back to Florida to Miami to visit family. We also took a big trip to Canada so once again we went up and down stopping off in Maine for a few days, Rhode Island, Massachusetts, etc. My rule of thumb is that if I ate a meal in the state that qualifies. I one time took a roadtrip to California in college so I do remember stopping off in Chicago, Reno, and ultimately Califas, I don't remember the midwest states we went throuogh to arrive (as well I don't recall us stopping off for food-I know weird, it was a weird road trip). On the way back I took a Grey Hound bus for three days and went through Las Vegas and Chicago yet again.I have been to Santa Fe, New Mexico and I loved every second of it. I have been to Phoenix Arizona, the Grand Canyon, and the Hopi Reservation. I have camped in North Carolina in the Smoky Mountains and visiting my uncle in Tennesssee.
Although DH has only been in the US for two years, he has been to NY (of course), California, Massachusetts, Connecticut, Arizona, and Pennsylvania. We are aiming to get him to Baltimore, Maryland, Miami, Florida, and Texas to visit relatives.
I do have to say that doing this map makes me want to travel more. I think sometimes it is way too easy to forget there is a world to see.

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