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A small band of us has organized restaurant fundraisers for PAWS over the past year. One of our more successful PAWS for a Bite events was last May in Montclair at Raymond's. We decided this year to coordinate several restaurants to participate in PFB and we have successfully had four restaurants commit to the event, which are: Raymond's, Church Street Cafe, Veggie Heaven, and Egan & Sons. Consider yourself invited to this event as well as friends on Sunday, May 21st, from 5:30 to whenever the restaurant closes (usually 9pm). The restaurants are located at :

28 Church St.

Church Street Cafe
12 Church St.

Egan & Sons
118 Walnut St.

Veggie Heaven
631 Valley Rd.

BTW, if you are interested in coming, stix-n-stitches and Modern Yarn are open on Sundays until 5pm, so you can take a yarn crawl in the area and then head over. Now, here's the 411:
Egans is Irish food and a beautiful pub so you don't bring your own bottle, while all the others are BYOB. Church St. is American, Raymond's is American (I believe fused with some French influences) and Veggie Heaven is yummy vegetarian.

3 threads:

At 4:23 PM CynCyn said...

good luck with the fundraiser, terrific cause! the clapotis looks great... how many extra 'straight' repeats are you going to add in?

At 7:33 PM The Crafty Weasel said...

What a great idea! Unfortunately we'll be driving back from Maine that day, otherwise we'd definitely drop by!

At 11:00 AM knitting pinki said...

Hey, that's on my bday. I'll be getting back from South Beach early that morning, but I should be able to get together in time to show up. Since I've never been to Stix & Stiches nor Modern Yarn, it should fun fun fun.


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