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Churchill was adopted from PAWS a few months after our first adoption, actually, though Churchill was adopted by both DH and I. He was in the loose cat room but was so shy he would hide in one of the cat beds. A volunteer was in the room and we went to the shelter to look for a ginger cat, as DH always wanted a ginger cat (that's how Stinky arrived). Anyways, the volunteer called him out "Bob" she called and the sweetest cat popped his head out and we were introduced. We liked him but DH wanted a ginger cat. So, we went to the foodstore and all we talked about was Bob. Next thing we know we were adopting him, but we couldn't pick him up that night. We wanted to set up the home for him. So, the next morning we picked him up and was introduced to Kristina at the same time. She told us that Bob loves shrimp. We decided on the name Churchill after Winston Churchill (DH is English so naturally we picked something English). For two hours he hid behind the desk until he saw Ella. Once, he saw Ella he came running out and was happy, friendly, and sweet. Ella was not, but Churchill took to her. Now, two years later Ella and Churchill are companions in the home. A lot of times you will see them walking into a room together, sleeping next to each other, and cleaning each other.

Churchill is a pretty boy, and so sweet. I always loved grey and white cats. He doesn't meow, rather he chirps, like a bird. So, everyday at 5pm, he runs around the home chirping as he truly believes it is time to be fed. He also likes to sleep on the bed with us, but see Churchill likes to sleep on top of me, and here might be TMI, he likes to curl up on my butt. Most times, the twelve pounds will bother me so I have slide him off, but he has learned my strategy and now has managed to balance my attempts to shuffle him off of me.

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At 10:49 PM Julsey said...

I checked out that site and I didn't realize there was a PAWS...right here in Montclair. Thanks for the info.

Your pretty boy is gorgeous. Love him lots.

At 9:42 AM The Crafty Weasel said...

Churchill is a handsome boy!! :-)

At 1:34 PM Jeanne said...

What a handsome cat! Love his markings...I had to laugh at the "Bob loves shrimp" - one of my cats is a shrimp fiend - we can't have it without giving her a couple.


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