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I probably didn't post about DH throwing his back out and having to see the chiropractor, but he did. One of the major problems is that our dining chairs are not the most comfortable and certainly are not good for one's back. We invested in some chair from Staples on sale with back support and now DH is happy. We also bought one of those pillows for the beds, so I will let you know if that is maintained (I am sure the pillow is great, but most people tell me they give up on using it after a few days). Obviously, as a new piece of furniture one of the cats must take ownership of the chair. As you can see here, Puffy has claimed the chair as part of her area. Printer in the background is a b-day gift from my folks. Based on my the reading material needed for my coursework and the amount of paper DH prints everyday for his job, they obtained a laser printer (of course with good reviews from Consumer Reports). (Ignore the mess, ignore the mess, ignore the mess, the vacuum cleaner broke during the cleaning process and we never put everything back, ignore the mess, you are getting sleepy and forgetting the mess....)

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