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Ella's tip for the day: Get your pets the pet grass at Petco or at a Farmer's Market. It is good for our digestion, stomaches, and stops some of the nasty vomiting that some of us suffer from. My mom picks this up and puts it on a plate by our food bowl where we can munch on it. She used to put it in the window until she realized the sunlight sped up the life of the petgrass. Every other day she runs water over it just to keep it fresh. You would be amazed, she will even take some of the grass and everyone of us, except Puffy, will eat it from her hand. She took this picture after I woke up from my afternoon nap and was enjoying a few bites of the greeny goodness. Mom says to ignore the mess behind me, she's a little paranoid with the cleaning and was just happy to take a picture of me eating the grass (not smoking it).

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