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That would be a great title when I finish the clapotis. Margaret made a comment asking for status on the clap (the project that is). And here she is! The pattern calls for around 600 yards (of Lorna's Laces which I opted for something different in worsted weight) I decided I wanted it a little longer. I am a little chubby (that's how I describe myself, yes) and I want the clap to fit around me like a wrap. I want to toss over my shoulder, or is the word fling around my shoulders? So, I bought the 600 yards and added 300 more on to the project. If I was following the actual pattern, Margaret would be right, I would be done. I am about to add the additional yarn for the project. It will probably be done next week.

I cannot emphasize this is one of those projects that when you look at the pattern is overwhelming, but in all honesty, when you actually work on it,- it is not. The buddha agrees with me though that it should be longer.

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At 11:12 PM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

OMG!!!! You are not chubby in the slightest. You made it bigger so that it would be more of a shawl, be honest!


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