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Izzy is the only kitten we had adopted (yes, from PAWS). We consciously wanted to adopt older cats and when we came across him one day we couldn't resist this trouble maker (Ninna is in the background of this shot). Izzy, originally named Sunny, was found alone at three months of age in the streets of Montclair. He was very confident and a purr-er from the start.

He used to curl up on top of our heads at night and purr to sleep (he would sleep, I couldn't sleep while my head vibrated). He is one of those cats who fetches. Kristina, a non-knitter friend and cat sitter when we travel, thought it would be cute to crumple up paper and have him fetch. Of course, he now goes into the garbage, grabs crumpled paper, and brings it to us on the sofa (he has extended his fetching abilities to cough drops recently).

Izzy, came after Ella and Churchill, and so when we introduced Ninna in the home he was the only cat who did not hiss. He loved her from the very start. Now, we call them the Tabby Troublemakers. His nickname Stinky actually is not a huge secret, we just knew when he used the litterbox. Oh yeah, and he opens all of our closet doors, he figured it out.

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At 1:36 AM CynCyn said...

your baby boy is adorable. a total lover.


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