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Quick update. I have dropped five stitches on the clap. I am on the straight row section and let me tell you this is not a quick knit, but I make it a goal to complete one drop stitch during each sitting. Athena had mentioned that she would like to do a clap except she doesn't get how it works and let me tell you I was totally there, I never understood it. In fact, it was only after I got to the straight sections that it all made sense. I feel like I am part of a cult, but it is true. We can sit down one day and go over the design. The Clapotis Support Group I had mentioned earlier is a great yahoo group as they have a database of all the different yarns people have used and people have posted the instructions in detailed charts. I am using a worsted weight yarn, but as I think I mentioned (maybe), next clap I want a little more sheen and definitely I will make it wider (more like a wrap or stole).

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At 9:35 PM forgetfulstitcher9 said...

Hey! What's the 411 on the "Clap"? Knowing you, you're done, and on to two other projects by now.


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