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Ninna, the killer cat, has a very long story, of epic proportion. Ninna, named after Nina Simone (with an extra N), was introduced to us by Kristina, a friend and volunteer at PAWS. At that time she was known as Doby and was extremely shy but thanks to Kristina's energy and time-she was liking being pet and was coming out of her shell. As I petted her in the loose cat room, Ninna take a nap in my arms and that was it-we loved her!

After Ninna came home, we came to find out she had carried ringworm and because another one of our cats had caught it, all of the cats were being dipped in the bathtub with a special bathmix. Oh yes, you can see where this is completely insane ... well it seems if you have more than one cat, the bacteria can easily be transmitted- thus the bath. Ugh, we prepared the bath, and Churchill went in -no problem. We thought ok, next let's dip Ninna, and DH put her in the water and she flipped. She bite him in the hand and wouldn't let go, and he wouldn't let go until I covered her body (except face and ears) with the mix. She dug into his hand. Blood came out. She continued. the blood continued. Ok, so DH let go, and Ninna was petrified. Well, I calmed her down while DH medicated his hand. She was fine, trust me, she was okay. She was dried in a towel and purring a little later. DH on the other hand (excuse the pun) was not. The next day he complained of a fever, aches and pains, and I take him to the emergency room where they immediately diagnose him with cellulitis. You know, a la Ted Nugent, Cat Scratch Fever. He was hospitalized for four days with an IV.

Needless, to say, I did warn you this was a long story. Ninna survived. DH survived. DH once in a while can pet her (a year later) and she actually lets him. Ninna is the companion of Izzy, the household terror, and performs what we describe as a yodel in the morning. She is the fastest cat in the home and the most lethal claws, so you can guess, who clips them? that's right, me. And her nickname, the killer cat, comes from DH's uncle in the UK.

The last thing I think you should definitely know about Ninna is that she loves to watch movies. She doesn't like romance or comedy, she likes action, and is a huge fan of the sci-fi channel.

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At 2:15 PM athena said...

i love this! billie and ninna are so cute!


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