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Well, it is official. I have been accepted into MSU for Master's Program in Counseling. I am ecstatic, overjoyed, thrilled, excited, and any other word that sounds enthusiastic! Ironically, the letter was sitting on the entrance table and I didn't even notice it. Yeah! So, how does one celebrate? Well, I would usually buy a couple of these bottles and spend the rest of the night smiling (note: not knitting, drinking and knitting is a bad combination).

I have already read the materials of everything I need to prepare. Primarily, I have to get my medical records stating I have immunizations and such, but I have already marked courses I want to pursue this Summer. I am shooting for four classes but I will probably settle on three.

I may even celebrate at s-n-s tomorrow and pick up a knitting treat. Oh, but what? Maybe, some pretty cotton yarn. Egyptian? Or. Maybe some Noro. Why not? Or. Maybe a new pair of needles that are needed. Just maybe.

Another good news, the Yankee Candle fundraiser went well for the shelter. We (four people) raised close to $400 in two weeks. I sorted the orders today and individually organized the orders with thank you cards. Hopefully, the orders will be picked up by the sales folks tomorrow. Another item off of my checklist. Of course, PFB is quickly approaching and so is Art for PAWS. Where is my summer? Oh yeah, my summer will be me taking classes.

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At 11:43 PM CynCyn said...

woo hoo! congrats on your acceptance! i hope you enjoy your master's program as much as I enjoyed mine!

At 2:08 PM athena said...


(mmmm, lambic. yum!)


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