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Anyways, HP is done. Well, 14 bars are done, and I will be weaving in the ends shortly. I haven't started my Ravenclaw scarf as I think I need a small break from redundancy. However, I will probably pick up shortly as my BBBB has hit an obstacle. The needle broke. Actually, it is not so bad the circular needle separated from the cord, but the blanket is in tact. I do need a new needle and sadly another skein or two.

Well, despite my short break typing this entry, I am gearing my energy to read Gestalt theory and the following chapter in my book so that I can write two summaries for class this Saturday. Ugh. Summaries.

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At 9:01 PM CynCyn said...

ooh Gestalt. FUN. I am forever getting Gestalt (the here and now) mixed up with existential theory.


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